Earth Oven Food Feast at NAIDOC

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—What a bonus to sample the aromatic pleasures of an Aboriginal earth oven feast in Sydney’s Hyde Park last week.

The earth oven food was part of Naidoc in the City, where visitors could enjoy a taste of Indigenous food and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures while listening to live performances from artist such as Radical Son, Green Hand Band, Jessie Lloyd and Mi’Kaisha.

Apart from a host of activities such as storytelling, language workshops, bush tucker talks, weaving and demonstrations by Aboriginal chef, Mark Olive, the food sampling seemed to be of particular interest, judging by the long queues.

Lamb, beef and pork were slow cooked from pre-dawn using a traditionally styled ‘earth oven’. The oven is created by digging out a shallow pit and lining it with native Gymea Lily stems – the heating comes from the addition of burning hot rocks.

Wet hessian bags and sand seal in the heat and the result is a rich smoky cuisine – a method that ‘steams, roasts and barbeques’ the native herb-infused meat all at once.

NAIDOC SydneyAnd while the lunchtime patrons and spontaneous tourist passers-by may not have known the intricacies of this ancient cooking technique, the appreciation was palpable. Mounds of pork, beef, lamb and vegetables subtly infused with flavours such as pepper berry and lemon myrtle were memorable – and entirely delicious.

Hearty and flavoursome on a crisp winter afternoon, this earth oven food celebrated the rich diversity of Australia’s bush flavours while ensuring that this age-old tradition received the recognition it deserves.

Xanita enters into Material ConneXion’s worldwide libraries

X-Board samples were presented by Xanita Thailand to Mary Elizabeth, the Crown Princess of Denmark, at Material ConneXion in Bangkok, Thailand

Xanita’s X-Board and X-Core have recently been accepted into the Material ConneXion’s libraries, located in five major cities worldwide, namely New York (United States), Bangkok (Thailand), Cologne (Germany), Daegu (Korea) and Milan (Italy).

Material ConneXion is the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations. Built on the belief that “every idea has a material solution”, they are the trusted advisor for Fortune 500’s, smaller forward-thinking companies, and government agencies seeking a creative or competitive edge through strategic material selections. Material ConneXion’s international network of material specialists provide a global, cross-industry perspective on materials, sustainable alternatives, and their potential uses.

X-Board samples were presented by Xanita Thailand to Mary Elizabeth, the Crown Princess of Denmark, at Material ConneXion in Bangkok, Thailand.

Xanita takes recycled kraft paper and sugar cane bagasse waste and turns it into high-strength, lightweight, non-toxic, low density fibre board, commonly specified by designers and used by exhibition and set-builders, printers, display manufacturers, joiners, furniture manufacturers, builders, yacht builders, coffin manufacturers, shop fitters and more.

Tailand Eco store window display made from lightweight, eco-friendly, recyclable, printable X-Board

Unlike other engineered wood which is typically dumped as landfill post-use, Xanita boards can, in their raw or industrial inkjet printed form, be completely repulped back into kraft paper, for re-use. Xanita boards contain no toxic urea formaldehyde. Learn more about our board’s environmental credentials on

Available in twenty-four countries, there’s likely to be a Xanita board reseller in your area soon!

For more details, visit :- and


World Press Photo 09

World Press Photo 2008 Winner - Anthony Suasu

Not-to-be-missed exhibition of the world’s top photojournalists’s photographs representing 124 different nations and capturing captivating scenes from around the globe.

The exhibition is the showcase of the best press photos for 2008 and is the leading international competition in press photography. On display are the cream of the crop – haunting images of war, violence and the frailty of man confronted with natural disasters such as earthquakes – putting a human face to the tragedies.

There are also portraits, exquisite landscapes, wildlife and elite athletes captured in the throes of performance – all paying tribute to the skill of the photographer in capturing each expression, movement and ripple of muscle.

The winner, if there could possibly be one, out of the 5508 professional photographers and 96 268 entries, was American photographer Anthony Suau for a black and white image of an armed officer of the Cuyahjoga County Sheriff’s Department moving through a home in Ohio, following an eviction of mortgage foreclosure. The photograph was part of a story commissioned by Time magazine.

If you missed the exhibition, look out for the soon to be published book featuring the images.

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