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Aussie, actually by Lois Nicholls, Published by Aardvark Press, Cape Town, South Africa

Aussie, actually now available in South Africa

Aussie, actually by Lois Nicholls, Published by Aardvark Press, Cape Town, South Africa

South African born, Lois Nicholls and her daughter Lara, have produced a book on the trials and tribulations of emigrating to Australia from South Africa.

Called Aussie, actually, the book is an honest and humorous account of life as new Australians. “My intention was to relay our 12-year sojourn through a series of thoughts and anecdotes to help other migrants realise they are not alone.
People often assume the transition from one country to another is seamless, but there are many difficulties one encounters along the way. There are also many humorous episodes when misunderstanding language or cultural norms.
My Boston-born American sister-in-law lived in Australia for three years before returning to Los Angeles and found some of the Australian quirks very amusing. She couldn’t believe, for example, that people actually froze their chicken carcasses in summer so they didn’t propagate a bin full of maggots!” says Lois.
Lara illustrated each chapter with cartoons after she was given a brief outline of the content.“I’ve always loved drawing so my mum asked me to have a go at sketching some cartoons. It was great fun coming up with different drawings and I really enjoyed seeing my pictures when the book was printed.” says Lara.
Aussie, actually also captures the heartache of leaving familiar surroundings, family and friends to make a new start in a foreign country. Written from Lois’s personal perception as a young migrant wife and mother, it tells the warts and all story of the family’s journey.

“Some may say it’s too honest but from the feedback I’ve received so far, people have found it funny and poignant. Migrants of all nationalities have said they relate to the struggles and triumphs. They say they appreciate the honesty as so many people don’t speak about their tribulations – they put on a brave face.” says Lois.

A NEW South African edition, published by Aardvark Press, Cape Town in November 2009 is now available in bookstores in South Africa.

This edition has 5 new chapters including new content which Lois has added to the original chapters.

Aussie, actually, was originally published by Impact Unlimited Books in Australia in 2008 – www.loisnicholls.com.au

Spencer Howson interview with Lois and Lara on 612 ABC Brisbane Radio (Lois was recovering from a cold, hence the husky voice).

Pomegranate Soup

Pomegranate Soup ISBN 9780732284046

Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran

Three sisters flee Iraq in the midst of political and personal turmoil and settle in a quaint little Irish town called Ballinacroagh.

Reminiscent of Joanne Harris’s Chocolat, the sisters open The Babylon Café serving exquisitely created Iranian fare that transcends the bland local offering. Gradually, they win over the jolly Father Ferber Mahoney and a number of his merry followers, all inexplicably drawn to the café’s sublime and exotic aromas.
Not everyone, however, is entranced by their instant success – least of all the town bully, Thomas McGuire, who monopolises local business with his scare tactics. He also harbours a deep desire to take over The Babylon Café for the creation of a tacky disco.
The past also threatens to haunt the sisters and brings an insidious darkness to the fresh start they hope for. Each chapter begins with a recipe and by the end, the reader can almost taste the plump ‘elephant ears’ – pastries dusted in sugar and cinnamon, the heady aroma of abgusht - a rich, clear broth made with lamb, vegetables and lashing of exotic herbs and spices – and of course, the fragrant blend of Pomegranate Soup.
A gastronomical read that left my mouth watering – and my stomach begging me to seek out a little Middle Eastern café tucked away in my own city.
A feast of the senses!

Published by Harper Collins

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