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Benham Brothers

‘Off the Cuff’ with the BENHAM BROTHERS

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA — Acclaimed North Carolina real estate entrepreneurs and former professional baseball players, David and Jason Benham have achieved untold success in their sporting careers and property ventures. Today the duo live out their faith by helping people from all walks of life in the areas of leadership, work, family, and culture. The twins shared their lighter side with JN. My secret pleasure is … Jason … eating peanuts and chocolate chips late at night David … chocolate chip cookie cake with white icing (addicting!) My first job was … Jason … mowing lawns with my brother David … taking out the trash for my neighbor in Dallas ($.10 per bag) Updated 10th March 2018 – From the NRB, Eric Metaxas has a delightful interview with David and Jason as they discuss their new memoir, “Miracle in Shreveport.” My most annoying habits are … Jason … taking small sips of water while I eat – I just can’t stop David … I don’t like to step on sidewalk lines A clear childhood memory …

Rob’s Woodgrain Bike Frames

For over 40 years, New Zealander, 68 year-old Rob Pollock perfected the art of faux woodgraining, restoring classic cars and vintage hot rods with his fine craftsmanship. Rob learnt the technique during his panel beating (auto body repair) days working in the family business, RJ Pollock & Sons, which he took over from his father. Prompted by his New York-based son, Aaron, a freelance designer and art director, to woodgrain a bicycle frame for him, Rob began experimenting. So successful was his foray into this market, that he has turned his talent into running a home-based business from his garage in Auckland, hand-painting bicycle frames with meticulous care. Got a bicycle frame you’d like woodgrained? Contact Rob – for USD1,500 he will woodgrain your frame for you.

Alive in South Africa

Alive! The word pops into my head as we enter Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo Airport. Ironic really, isn’t it, for a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world. Yet I feel it. Sense it. Am reminded of a friend who says he comes alive every time he returns – feels boring, bland and disconnected for weeks in his new country, Australia every time he goes back.