The Red Tent

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An imaginative, compelling story set in ancient Mesopotamia, Canaan, and Egypt, offers readers a rare insight into life as a biblical woman—in particular, Dinah, only daughter of Jacob.

While the author, Anita Diamant maintains her interpretation is purely fictional (food sounded delectable), she has clearly researched her topic with great detail and there are fascinating and colourful glimpses into the lives of these historical biblical characters such as Rachel and Leah. It brings them to life as women of great strength, character, and intelligence.

TheRedTentDinah narrates her own story, vividly tracing her journey from life as a young girl into adulthood and beyond.

It gives readers insight into all aspects of life in these times—from giving birth, death, honour and the intricately woven relationships that must have existed in the tribes of old. In essence, it gives Dinah a voice.

Says the author: ‘I was drawn to retell the biblical story of Dinah in large part because of her silence. In Genesis 34, Dinah’s experience is described and characterized by the men in her family, who treat her as a rape victim, which in that historical setting meant she was irredeemably ruined and degraded. Because she does not say a word, I found it easy to imagine an alternative telling to the story, in which Dinah is not a passive victim but a young woman who makes choices and acts on her own initiative.’

A captivating read.

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