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Glenda Condon, Pastoral Assistant, Integration, Brisbane

What do you love about your job?

I love meeting new people and hearing their journey in life, where they come from and who they are, their families etc. I find people incredibly interesting.


There is absolutely nothing I dislike about my job – it’s a perfect fit.

You have an accounting background, why the switch?

All my clients were always telling me I was in the wrong business – I was just too much of a people person to be an accountant and I always knew there was something else out there for me.

Where did you grow up and what countries have you lived in?

I’m a country girl and grew up on a big sheep farm in Maldon, Victoria, Australia. I lived in New Zealand for 20 years and managed to pick up a Kiwi husband! I think NZ is as stunning as parts of Europe but a lot cheaper to live. And of course, there are lots of sheep! My favourite part is the South Island – mainly Queenstown. I lived in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty and used to wag school constantly in Grade 12 to go surfing!

You’re a person who loves to laugh. What tickles you?

I love English humour and laugh a lot at myself. I find people hilarious. My animals make me laugh too – we have a whole menagerie – three cats, a dog, a bird and guinea pigs.

What is your favourite spot?

Basically anywhere near a beach! I love Coolangatta and camping on Moreton Island.

Favourite holiday destination?

Camping on Moreton Island – the beaches, dolphins, snorkelling off the wreck – it’s a great place to get away from it all.

The Tangalooma Wrecks on Moreton Island provide good diving in depths from 2-10m.

Favourite restaurant/café

Olive Grove, Kenmore which is basically my second office – I’m always taking people there. The food is fantastic and the prices affordable.

You’re a big fan of travel, if money was no object, what would be your ultimate destination?

Probably Europe – and Greece – I love the idea of sitting in a little taverna, sipping a glass of red wine and listening to the waves lap the shore…

What is your passion?

To connect people with God and with each other.

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  1. Tracey says

    I have the privledge of working with Glenda and want to encourage you on the incredible job you do in your ministry – you rock girl and we love to rock with you!

  2. Josie says

    My beautiful friend. You bring joy wherever you go and your sincere love for people is so evident. This world is a much better place because you are in it. Keep on shining the love of Chirst and being an inspiration to us all. xx

  3. janet Dalton says

    Hey princess, you look amazing and loved reading your story. If I think of someone I want to be myself with i think of you, there is nothing better than chatting with you and of course we just end up getting so loud and laughing.
    And I'm convinced your louder!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your happiness and joy always, you're truly a Blessing to me.

    Special Hugs xxxxxxx

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