A beginner’s guide to dying in India

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Levi’s house burns down, his fiancé dumps him for the nunnery and he gets fired from his job – all in quick succession.

When his long lost brother requests that he join him in India post-haste, he does so without hesitation – he doesn’t have a lot going for him back home and the adventure sounds rather enticing.

It soon becomes clear that the trip is not to be a relaxing holiday. As it turns out, his brother is gravely ill – dying, in fact. He dies shortly after Levi’s arrival and bequeaths his somewhat surprisingly substantial estate to his younger brother – Levi. Claiming the money is not that simple, however, and Levi must unravel his brother’s diary and set off on a journey through India to ultimately lay his hands on the prize.

The journey and convoluted, cryptic trail leading to the ample contents of his will, is presumably to teach Levi invaluable life lessons his older brother learnt during his own life journey. Some intriguing characters along the way – and the pursuit of a rather sinister character intent on sharing the spoils, adds enough suspense to keep the reader hooked.

The book also gave a colourful and insightful glimpse of the vibrant pulse of India – a fascinating aside. This newly published Australian author certainly knows how to spin a yarn.

Watch this space…

A beginner’s guide to dying in India
By J.M. Donellan
Published by Interactive Press
ISBN 1921479302
EAN: 9781921479304