Hen House Chic

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Want to keep chickens in your suburban backyard but hate the trail of poop?

Well, an Australian seamstress, Ingrid Dimock, has come to the rescue with her take on a US design. In essence, she has created a nappy for a happy chicken, or chook as the Aussies prefer to call them.

While country chickens wouldn’t be seen dead in her colourful line of nappies – hot pink being a favourite, it seems her scheme isn’t so bird-brain after all. Called City Chicks, the part-time dalliance has grown into a full-time business.

And for those who want a little bird bling for their pampered pets, she has that too – custom made accessories to make any rooster crow.

Chickens with a penchant for chic hen houses are catered for too.
Chandeliers are must-haves for hens with a yen to bring style to their coup.

Decor mag, House and Hen bound to follow…