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Papa Spyk Recalls Colourful Life Journey in A Naughty Thing called Life

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Brighton, United Kingdom – New book chronicles Papa Spyk’s life and how it was turned around after suffering a near death experience.

Sometimes all it takes is one dramatic event to be the catalyst for change. Author Papa Spyk takes readers on a nostalgic road down memory lane highlighting the shocking events that led to the turnaround.

His book, A Naughty Thing called Life’ captures the story behind the ex professional rugby player, top international model, Hollywood actor and stuntman. Born in the Sixties, he describes himself as ‘an overly intelligent child, trapped in a hopelessly dysfunctional world’.

He  lived an incredibly colourful and intense life ‘on the edge’ until he suffered a near death experience in his late Thirties when his aorta literally ‘exploded’ in half. The near fatal incident was the result of years of steroid and recreational drug abuse which  created a lethal cocktail. He survived, but was told  he would be a paraplegic and never be able to father a child or live a normal life.

Through his loving family and close friends, however, he reignited the will to live an abundant life. His sheer gutsy determination and fight to succeed resulted in him learning to walk again. He also fathered a child –  his very own little angel  ‘saving grace’ and ‘love of his life’,  Angelyna.

A Naughty Thing called Life is an honest account of  Papa Spyk’s experience, and while a riveting read, he hopes his story will help make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s about the courage to love and be loved and how restoration is possible, in spite of journeying to hell and back.

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