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‘Off the Cuff’ with Joanna Penn

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Joanna Penn is the author of the ARKANE thrillers, Pentecost and Prophecy. Joanna is also an entrepreneur and professional speaker.

Her site for writers http://www.TheCreativePenn.com has been voted one of the Top 10 sites for writers 2 years running and offers articles, audio and video on writing, publishing and book marketing. Connect with Joanna on Twitter @thecreativepenn.

My secret pleasure is … Hotel Chocolat 85% Madagascan dark chocolate.

My first job was … Cleaning toilets in a dry cleaning factory.

My most annoying habits are … being hyper sensitive to sound so wearing ear plugs a lot.

A clear childhood memory is … flying over the Sahara when we moved to Malawi, Africa when I was seven.

What makes me really nervous is … the moment before I start speaking at an event (although I am a professional speaker and enjoy it once I get started!).

The best advice my parents gave me was … to floss.

If I wasn’t an author, speaker & blogger, I’d be … a psychologist.

I’m most thankful for … my husband, Jonathan.

My favorite meal is … chicken tikka masala.

I know it’s good for me, but I hate … going to the doctors.

A book I love is … The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

A song that resonates is … One Way by the Levellers.

My ‘happy place’ is … scuba diving somewhere tropical.

My most embarrassing memory is … being found out at school for wearing clothes from the hand me down shop.

My hidden skill is … I’m pretty good with a revolver.

If I was a dog, I’d be a … golden retriever.

It’s a bit corny, but I love … karaoke and songs from the 90s.

I’m most at peace when … I’m scuba diving.

Country I’d love to visit … Iran for the amazing history and architecture.

Favourite quote … “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe

Connect with Joanna on Twitter @thecreativepenn.