Off the Cuff

“Off the Cuff” with evangelist and author, Angus Buchan

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SOUTH AFRICA―Writer and evangelist Angus Buchan’s first book, “Faith Like Potatoes” was based on his own powerful journey of faith as a young migrant farmer in South Africa battling to tame an unforgiving environment.

Since then, he has gone on to write several other books and inspire thousands of men around the world through his Mighty Men Conferences.

JournoNews captures the lighter side of Angus in “Off the Cuff“.

My secret pleasure is … watching good quality Western movies.

My first job was … working in a tyre factory.

My most annoying habits are … talking too much, which tends to make me late, ask my wife, but I really love people.

A clear childhood memory is … giving my life to Jesus at a movie house when only about six years old.

What makes me really nervous is … when I have a meeting to speak at overseas, and the airport announcement says the domestic flight might be delayed, which would mean I would miss my international connection, and the Conference.

The best advice my parents gave me was … ‘Treat others as you would have them treat you’ – and that was before they became Believers.

If I wasn’t an evangelist and author, I’d be … a full time Cowboy.

I’m most thankful for … the most wonderful wife, Jill. (we’ve been married for over 40 years).

My favourite meal is … Roast Chicken, with oatmeal stuffing – my Scottish mom taught Jill how to make it!

I know it’s good for me, but I hate … putting on sun block – we never needed it when I was a young farm boy.

A book I love is … David Livingstone: The Truth Behind the Legend – the life story of one of my greatest heroes, Dr David Livingstone.

My ‘happy place’ is … my “Quiet time room”, (my booth).

My most embarrassing memory is … asking the Queen of the Zulu Nation, what her position was – I didn’t recognize her at the palace … thought maybe she was a Governess, (the King has more than one Wife!)

My hidden skill is … connecting with small children. (I have 9 grandchildren). They call me ‘Khulu’, which is Zulu for Grandfather.

If I was a dog, I’d be a … Jack Russell. (they are all heart).

It’s a bit corny but I love … watching cooking programmes on TV.

A song that resonates is … It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).

I’m most at peace when … I’m away out of the country preaching, and I’ve just spoken to my best friend on the phone, (my wife), and she says, all is well at home!

Country I’d love to visit … Israel – been there many times – but it grows on you.

Favourite quote … “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”. Genesis 18:14