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A Naughty Thing Called Life Documentary

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Growing up in the mid 1970’s as a young schoolboy in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, I vividly recall Edouard “Spyk” Gheur arriving from Belgium as the ‘new kid’ in class at the school we both attended.

It’s hard to imagine during those innocent, carefree years we spent as classmates that years later his life would take a radical detour into the world of hard living and drugs, which almost cost him his life.

Thankfully he lived to tell his story and warn others of getting into drugs in his autobiography, ‘A Naughty Thing Called Life‘, which has received rave reviews in the UK and around the globe. In the coming months, well-known Indie film maker and producer, Mark Brown, will start filming a documentary revealing a visual play-out of Spyk’s life as his story unfolds.

To show your support for filming Spyk’s visual documentary, visit the IndieGogo campaign and make a contribution.

Spyk” featured as’s first ‘Off the Cuff‘ guest in September 2012.