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“Off the Cuff” with Artist, Louise Grove Wiechers

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Louise-Grove-WiechersTAMBORINE MOUNTAIN, SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND—South African born artist, Louise Grove Wiechers owns and runs Redbarnstudio, a working studio and gallery in The Scenic Rim area of Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland. Louise has had many solo and group exhibitions and has won several art awards. Her work forms part of many private and corporate collections worldwide. She chats to JN.

My secret pleasure is … Lying in a hammock … reading … condensed milk …

My first job was … When I was a student, I worked in the Barley Lab of the Wheat Board, evaluating the germination rates of barley grains … strange, but true …

My most annoying habits are … Trying to achieve perfection … impatience … being so enthusiastic, that I run out of speed …

A clear childhood memory is … Smelling orange blossoms on the farm near White River, South Africa … my mom and dad were looking after a citrus farm when I was small. I also recall the rhythmic late afternoon African drumming of the workers on the farm.

What makes me really nervous is … Thunder and lightning.

The best advice my parents gave me was … Try to be kind … and if you fail, try harder …

If I wasn’t an artist, I’d be … A jewellery designer.

I’m most thankful for … My new life in Australia … a land that has provided so much joy and adventure.

My favourite meal is … Pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner …

I know it’s good for me, but I hate … Flossing my teeth.

A book I love is … Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature by Linda Lear.

A song that resonates is … ‘Fragile’ by Sting

My ‘happy place’ is … Walking on the beach at sunset …

My most embarrassing memory is … Being caught by the primary school headmaster,while trying to crack a macadamia nut ‘stolen’ from his precious tree …

My hidden skill is … Playing piano.

If I was a dog, I’d be a … Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


It’s a bit corny but I love … Cycling along the ocean in the late afternoon.

I’m most at peace when … I hear the sounds of the rainforest birds, overlooking our deck …

Country I’d love to visit … Denmark.

Favourite quote … An artist leaves his mark upon the world through LONE endeavor

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