Letter in Post for Putin

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA―While the G20 leaders were ensconced in Brisbane’s Convention Centre yesterday, flexing political muscles and espousing views on solving the world’s problems, they may have been better off visiting the City Tabernacle Baptist Church for a rather more honest and sobering take on where the world is at.

Surely they would have been enlightened and relieved that former Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Hon John Anderson AO, had the gall to tell it like it is in his message,’Resurrecting Order Out of Chaos‘. (Audio – They would have also been inspired and uplifted by a host of angels―the church choir. And rather than having to mingle with puffed up politicians, they may have rubbed shoulders with some rather interesting characters.

Behind me, for example, looking a little flushed and flustered was a delightful young guy with a disarming smile and, it turns out, chutzpah to match. He had just risked arrest by brazenly approaching a ‘cop’ at the Hilton in the hope of hand-delivering a letter to Putin as he left for the Convention Centre. It transpires that he has had a heart for the formidable Russian leader for years and has been faithfully praying for him.

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Unfortunately, the bemused and sweaty policeman guarding the hotel dignitaries was having none of it. He wasn’t about to lose his job over a letter even when delivered by a charming young man in a rather dapper black velvet jacket and leather shoes that had seen better days. The fact that the letter bearer was also battle-scarred from a skateboarding incident a day prior, didn’t help his cause. He looked as though he’d been crash tackled by a policeman in a previous encounter.

Mate, I really don’t know what’s in that letter

Commemorative-G20-BibleThis little interlude was probably the most excitement the poor policeman had seen all weekend and he was congenial in his rebuttal, offering: “Mate, I really don’t know what’s in that letter,” in spite of the young man’s insistence it was simply a heartfelt note explaining his sentiments.

I’m encouraged, however that perhaps the carefully crafted message will land on the Russian leader’s desk after all. You see, undeterred, the young scribe is intent on getting it to Putin.

“I’ll just have to use snail mail,” he shrugged, flashing that disarming smile.

Watch this space …

PS. I hope the G20 Leaders are enjoying their gift of a commemorative G20 Bible―they’re bound to find pearls of wisdom in its pages.

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