Green Vanilla Tea

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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA―This is a true, heart-wrenching and authentic account of life, marriage, raising sons and facing the reality that a young husband and father is dying. Marie Williams takes the reader on a reflective journey through the memorable times she and her husband spent together – during their courtship years, as a young close-knit family raising two sons and how they practically coped over the final months when Dominique’s body started to ‘shut down’ as a result of early onset dementia.

It’s raw and sad … so sad. But it’s the kind of book that makes you appreciate that LIFE, no matter how long we’re given, is a gift we should always treasure.

Amazon says, ‘Marie Williams has worked as a clinical social worker in health settings, non-profit sectors, clinical education, and private practice. She is also an artist and believes in the power of creativity and story to transform. The Australian edition of Williams’ book, Green Vanilla Tea won the national Finch Memoir Prize in 2013. Williams lives in Brisbane, Australia.’ 

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