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‘Off the Cuff’ with Wordsower, Tom Meyer

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Redding, CA – American author and speaker Tom Meyer can recite twenty books of the Bible including the entire book of Revelation. He travels the country teaching the skill of Bible memorization, having learned the ancient techniques from Jewish rabbis and Christian monks in Jerusalem. He shared some of his lighter moments with Journonews.

My secret pleasure is … Watching anything with Tom Selleck.

My first job was … Working in a baseball card trading store.

My most annoying habits are … Being too punctual.

A clear childhood memory is … Being born again.

What makes me nervous is … Letting someone else drive.

The best advice my parents gave me was … Walk by faith, not by sight.

If I weren’t a Wordsower, I’d be … Doing something in Hollywood.

I’m most thankful for … The Lord Jesus Christ.

I know it’s good for me, but I hate … Going to the dentist.

A book I love is … The Sacred Bridge.

The Sacred Bridge - Tom Meyer's favourite book

My favorite meal is … Steak.

My ‘happy place’ is … Being with my wife and three kids.

My most embarrassing memory is … Like Peter, denying once that I knew Jesus.

My hidden skill is … Knowing baseball facts.

If I were a dog, I’d be a … Pitbull.

A song that resonates is … Oh the deep, deep, love of Jesus

It’s a bit corny, but I’d love … To sail around the world.

I’m most at peace when … I am memorizing the Scriptures.

The country I’d love to visit … Turkey.

Favorite quote … The just shall live by faith.

The just shall live by faith - Tom Meyer's favourite quote

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Tom’s Method for Memorizing Scripture

  1. Prayerfully select a verse
  2. Divide the verse into several lines so that the number of words in each line acts as a memory aid. Begin lines with prepositions if possible (with, for, in, etc.)
  3. Write out the verse just like you’ve divided it. Include the number of words in the right-hand column
  4. Speak the verse as you write it out
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve memorized the verse
  6. Move to the next verse.

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