The last word on Monday evening’s ABC Q&A.

QandA Jordan Peterson
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I’m surprised, in all the ensuing Twitter feeds and journo scribblings, no one has mentioned the evening’s biggest annoyance. It was not the predictable “Twitter Queen” Van Whatsername with her truly magnificent glossy mane of hair but labor MP, Terri Butler, strung taut as a bow.

Did no one else notice her sneering, bubbling, contained fury and dislike of Peterson barely hidden by a false politician practiced smile and carefully measured tone? Underneath that sleek-bobbed veneer, cat-like smile and condescending diatribe was a determination not to become a meme like many who’ve clashed with Peterson before. When cornered, she attacked under her breath when Peterson politely (and justifiably) intimated he didn’t understand her question:

“I guess you don’t. That’s pretty obvious, unfortunately.”  

Rudeness can never be dressed up as wit. Not classy. Perhaps she could take a leaf out of the book of fellow panelist, Cate McGregor who was not only gracious but articulate, intelligent, interested, polite and cleverly humorous.

She and Jordan were panel winners hands down.