Author: Annie Shrimp

Royal Mistresses of the House of Hanover-Windsor

This fascinating and colourful romp through the annals of royal history gives rare insight into the lives and loves of rather rampant royals from the house of Hanover-Windsor. The detailed description of pomp and privilege is also a rather refreshing escape from coronavirus overload. Today’s royals, no matter how badly behaved, tone-deaf or spoiled, appear positively tame in comparison to their frisky and overindulged forbears. The apparent largely fictional The Crown Netflix series may beg to differ, but there is no doubt a wanton disregard for monogamy far exceeded current Royals norms. Marriage back then involved titles and bloodlines with the hope that love came later. In the 1800s, arranged marriages were made for ‘political, financial and dynastic reasons’ — mainly to produce the all-important heir. “Most of them compensated for loveless arranged marriages to German cousins by taking mistresses. Royal brides had to have blue blood and be virginal to prevent any chance of a cuckoo in the royal nest, so a prince marrying his mistress was unthinkable,” says the author. Camilla Parker Bowles …

Mean Girls won’t trump Melania

If you believe mainstream media, embattled First Lady, Melania Trump is yet to put an elegant, designer-heeled foot right. The contrast from years gone by is stark. Pre First Lady status, the former model, Melania graced the covers of mags from Vogue to Vanity Fair. She was feted with flattering features and praised for her beauty and poise. With her striking Slovenian looks and beautiful, made-for-designer-clothing body, the fashion glitterati embraced her. And then she committed the unpardonable sin: She became First Lady. The Donald outrageously outsmarted a still raging, still explaining, Hillary. The glitterati flipped. And strangely, the very same media who once tripped over their Doc Martins to interview Melania or her famous husband, now bandied together in a collective holier than thou huddle. Their bitter hatred for her husband leaked pure poison into their pens. Even designers turned nasty. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano and Sophie Theallet waspishly refused to dress her. The loss was all theirs. Former First Ladies have had a smooth ride. Huffing Hillary, for example, can rant …

A Naughty Thing Called Life Documentary

Growing up in the mid 1970’s as a young schoolboy in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, I vividly recall Edouard “Spyk” Gheur arriving from Belgium as the ‘new kid’ in class at the school we both attended. It’s hard to imagine during those innocent, carefree years we spent as classmates that years later his life would take a radical detour into the world of hard living and drugs, which almost cost him his life. Thankfully he lived to tell his story and warn others of getting into drugs in his autobiography, ‘A Naughty Thing Called Life‘, which has received rave reviews in the UK and around the globe. In the coming months, well-known Indie film maker and producer, Mark Brown, will start filming a documentary revealing a visual play-out of Spyk’s life as his story unfolds. To show your support for filming Spyk’s visual documentary, visit the IndieGogo campaign and make a contribution. “Spyk” featured as’s first ‘Off the Cuff‘ guest in September 2012.

Dale Steele and Catt White

San Diego’s Public Market is Coming!

AFTER TEN YEARS of tenacity, chutzpah and vision to see a public market established in San Diego, Dale Steele and Catt White have finally signed a lease on a massive 92,000 square foot property near the harbor and Petco Park. Watch the Kickstarter video below to discover more about this exciting development that will become a landmark for the city. Read about the venture on Kickstarter

Captain Justin McBurney, 24, keeps the NSW government-issued Soldier's New Testament by his side at the main base at Tarin Kowt.

Soldier takes 110 year-old Bible ‘heirloom’ into battle

It’s ANZAC Day in Australia – a day that commemorates the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. It is also an opportunity for the nation to remember those who have fought and lost their lives in major conflicts around the world. For many ANZACs, carrying a Bible into battle has been vital to their spiritual well-being. The Bible in the above video was first taken into war by an Australian who fought in the South African Boer war at the turn of the 20th Century. In keeping with his family’s tradition, Afghanistan-based Captain Justin McBurney, 24, is the fifth generation of his family to take the very same Soldier’s New Testament into the battle zone.