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Green Vanilla Tea

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA―This is a true, heart-wrenching and authentic account of life, marriage, raising sons and facing the reality that a young husband and father is dying. Marie Williams takes the reader on a reflective journey through the memorable times she and her husband spent together – during their courtship years, as a young close-knit family raising two sons and how they practically coped over the final months when Dominique’s body started to ‘shut down’ as a result of early onset dementia. It’s raw and sad … so sad. But it’s the kind of book that makes you appreciate that LIFE, no matter how long we’re given, is a gift we should always treasure. Amazon says, ‘Marie Williams has worked as a clinical social worker in health settings, non-profit sectors, clinical education, and private practice. She is also an artist and believes in the power of creativity and story to transform. The Australian edition of Williams’ book, Green Vanilla Tea won the national Finch Memoir Prize in 2013. Williams lives in Brisbane, Australia.’  Connect with Marie: …

Ginny Owens – ‘I Know A Secret’

Blind since the age of two, contemporary Christian music singer/songwriter, Ginny Owens, is a three-time Dove Award winner and was named Gospel Music Association’s “New Artist of the Year” in 2000. She is well-known among Christian and mainstream listeners and has played in front of audiences at the White House, Lilith Fair and the Sundance Film Festival. Her eighth studio project, I Know A Secret, was released November 10th. iTunes – Amazon – Connect with Ginny: Album cover courtesy Ginny Owens Music Facebook Page  

Introducing a community choral project: Voxi

Over the past three years Cape Town-based Nic Paton has been hard at work on a community choral collective entitled Voxi – an intriguing, warm, spacious set of songs exploring ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions with ‘awe, yearning, and gratitude’. Voxi’s tagline is ‘exploring sacred song spaces’. So perhaps this comforting album is something timely, given this week of mourning for Nelson Mandela. The album has a number of fascinating and moving back stories. For example ‘Fully Grey’ (featuring the exciting, angelic voice of his daughter Gemma) was penned by Alison MacPhail who died at 28 but whose dearest goal was to become old, wrinkled and grey. And ‘Abwoon‘, the Aramaic ‘Our Father‘ might unintentionally be a reverent tribute to Madiba, ‘Tata, Father of the Nation.‘ Out of a sense of artistic and spiritual journey, they have developed a unique sacred music referencing varied traditions from the Psalmists to the Post/Modern, using six languages. Now available on iTunes and other outlets, it’s a veritable gift for Christmas 2013. Visit to hear, see and read more.

Copenhagen Wheel to revolutionise cycling

The inventors at the MIT SENSEable City Lab are set to revolutionise cycling with their first commercial release of the Copenhagen Wheel. This elegant invention turns an ordinary bicycle into a ‘smart electric hybrid’ by simply replacing your back wheel. You can even download the complementary mobile app, which allows you to lock/unlock your wheel, choose amongst a menu of customisable rides, and track personal usage statistics including calories burned, time, distance, elevation climbed and more, all of which can be compared and shared with friends. Pre-order at and own a limited edition, hand-crafted Copenhagen Wheel, invented and built in Cambridge, MA.

BREADrev launches SA’s first mobile bakery school

Efficient wood-fired rocket ovens and the aroma of baking bread have turned some local Kalk Bay bakers into change agents. “We’re passionate about baking bread and I love doing things differently so I started an uprising, so together with fellow revolutionary, Pete Rutherford, we’re focusing our skills and passion on teaching people in poor communities to bake bread in highly efficient and effective wood-fired rocket ovens, which require no electricity”, said Jeremy Barty, the visionary behind the project. “BREADrev is a mobile bakery school, the only one of its kind in South Africa”, said Barty. “Our ovens are portable and so is our bakery school. ‘Aside from my passion for baking artisan bread, I want BREADrev to help individuals and families create an income opportunity with minimal capital inputs and low overheads to generate daily revenue that is equal or better than basic formal employment’, said Barty. We launched our Thundafund campaign last month and our aim is to raise R45 000 for the first micro-bakery in Nkanini, Khayalitsha, one of the poorest communities in …

Making Music from Recycled Garbage

Each day in the town of Cateura, Paraguay, garbage collectors swarm like flies around fresh loads of dumped trash looking for goods to sell. Established on landfill, the town is a dangerous place to raise children who are at risk of being enticed into dealing in drugs and joining gangs. As a deterrent, orchestra director Szaran and music teacher Fabio decided to set up a music program. However, the number of children who wanted to join the program far outnumbered the available instruments. That soon changed when Szaran and Fabio were brought a violin made out of discarded materials. As time passed and the idea of making instruments from trash caught on, The Recycled Orchestra was formed. An upcoming film, ‘Landfill Harmonic’, to be released in 2014, captures the creativity of the human soul and the determination to transform other people’s trash into beautiful sounding musical instruments played by children. Like Landfill Harmonic on Facebook    

Papa Spyk Recalls Colourful Life Journey in A Naughty Thing called Life

Brighton, United Kingdom – New book chronicles Papa Spyk’s life and how it was turned around after suffering a near death experience. Sometimes all it takes is one dramatic event to be the catalyst for change. Author Papa Spyk takes readers on a nostalgic road down memory lane highlighting the shocking events that led to the turnaround. His book, A Naughty Thing called Life’ captures the story behind the ex professional rugby player, top international model, Hollywood actor and stuntman. Born in the Sixties, he describes himself as ‘an overly intelligent child, trapped in a hopelessly dysfunctional world’. He  lived an incredibly colourful and intense life ‘on the edge’ until he suffered a near death experience in his late Thirties when his aorta literally ‘exploded’ in half. The near fatal incident was the result of years of steroid and recreational drug abuse which  created a lethal cocktail. He survived, but was told  he would be a paraplegic and never be able to father a child or live a normal life. Through his loving family and close friends, …

Innovation plus ‘Practical Creativity’ a must in the Workplace

JournoNews chats with Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan and author of ‘GRASP The Solution’, a refreshingly pragmatic approach to making decisions and solving problems creatively. What prompted you to write ‘GRASP The Solution’? Essentially, it was a lifelong study into modern brain based strategies that, bit by bit, led to my desire to write the book. Over the years, I’ve applied strategies based on how the brain works in all the companies I’ve been involved in. For instance, at Birchfield, where our educational products were in 80% of UK secondary schools, we didn’t focus just on the content, we focused on the delivery of the content to students and the impact it had on the brain. The more I delved into the subject and tried out different strategies, the more I came to realise that, while there are lots of tools out there that can help you be more creative and productive, if you happen to use them in the wrong context or frame of mind, they aren’t anywhere near as effective as they should …