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Sue Waterson, founder of Max Gecko Design

Journonews chats with Sue Waterson, founder of Max Gecko Design, a Brisbane group of creative, like minded individuals who believe good design is essential for every business. Why the name, Max Gecko? Quite a few years ago I developed a boutique range of gift cards, I didn’t want to have my name on them as such so the name max gecko came about. At the time I was aiming to have a range of products available so I wanted a name that could apply to anything hence max gecko cards, and a year or so later Max Gecko Design came about. Before having children we had a crazy dalmation called max and I have always had a love of geckos – there is such a variety, some brightly coloured, others subtle patterned – every now and then someone will call and ask to speak with Max or Mr Gecko, there have been times that I have thought of changing it but over the years I guess I have become a little attached to ‘Mr Gecko’. …

Multi-talented Victoria Smith’s SFGirlByBay

VICTORIA SMITH, a San Francisco design blogger & freelance writer describes herself on her Twitter page as a photographer, stylist, design junkie and flea market aficionado. Victoria is editor/writer of sfgirlbybay, one of the west coast’s leading interior design blogs. She features new product reviews, shopping tips, including art, photography and design resources, as well as home entertaining and lifestyle stories, with a loyal fan base and readers that include top magazine and newspaper editors, shoppers, and industry professionals. You can also visit her Etsy store.