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BREADrev launches SA’s first mobile bakery school

Efficient wood-fired rocket ovens and the aroma of baking bread have turned some local Kalk Bay bakers into change agents. “We’re passionate about baking bread and I love doing things differently so I started an uprising, so together with fellow revolutionary, Pete Rutherford, we’re focusing our skills and passion on teaching people in poor communities to bake bread in highly efficient and effective wood-fired rocket ovens, which require no electricity”, said Jeremy Barty, the visionary behind the project. “BREADrev is a mobile bakery school, the only one of its kind in South Africa”, said Barty. “Our ovens are portable and so is our bakery school. ‘Aside from my passion for baking artisan bread, I want BREADrev to help individuals and families create an income opportunity with minimal capital inputs and low overheads to generate daily revenue that is equal or better than basic formal employment’, said Barty. We launched our Thundafund campaign last month and our aim is to raise R45 000 for the first micro-bakery in Nkanini, Khayalitsha, one of the poorest communities in …

Making Music from Recycled Garbage

Each day in the town of Cateura, Paraguay, garbage collectors swarm like flies around fresh loads of dumped trash looking for goods to sell. Established on landfill, the town is a dangerous place to raise children who are at risk of being enticed into dealing in drugs and joining gangs. As a deterrent, orchestra director Szaran and music teacher Fabio decided to set up a music program. However, the number of children who wanted to join the program far outnumbered the available instruments. That soon changed when Szaran and Fabio were brought a violin made out of discarded materials. As time passed and the idea of making instruments from trash caught on, The Recycled Orchestra was formed. An upcoming film, ‘Landfill Harmonic’, to be released in 2014, captures the creativity of the human soul and the determination to transform other people’s trash into beautiful sounding musical instruments played by children. Like Landfill Harmonic on Facebook