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QandA Jordan Peterson

The last word on Monday evening’s ABC Q&A.

I’m surprised, in all the ensuing Twitter feeds and journo scribblings, no one has mentioned the evening’s biggest annoyance. It was not the predictable “Twitter Queen” Van Whatsername with her truly magnificent glossy mane of hair but labor MP, Terri Butler, strung taut as a bow. Did no one else notice her sneering, bubbling, contained fury and dislike of Peterson barely hidden by a false politician practiced smile and carefully measured tone? Underneath that sleek-bobbed veneer, cat-like smile and condescending diatribe was a determination not to become a meme like many who’ve clashed with Peterson before. When cornered, she attacked under her breath when Peterson politely (and justifiably) intimated he didn’t understand her question: “I guess you don’t. That’s pretty obvious, unfortunately.”   Rudeness can never be dressed up as wit. Not classy. Perhaps she could take a leaf out of the book of fellow panelist, Cate McGregor who was not only gracious but articulate, intelligent, interested, polite and cleverly humorous. She and Jordan were panel winners hands down.

Mean Girls won’t trump Melania

If you believe mainstream media, embattled First Lady, Melania Trump is yet to put an elegant, designer-heeled foot right. The contrast from years gone by is stark. Pre First Lady status, the former model, Melania graced the covers of mags from Vogue to Vanity Fair. She was feted with flattering features and praised for her beauty and poise. With her striking Slovenian looks and beautiful, made-for-designer-clothing body, the fashion glitterati embraced her. And then she committed the unpardonable sin: She became First Lady. The Donald outrageously outsmarted a still raging, still explaining, Hillary. The glitterati flipped. And strangely, the very same media who once tripped over their Doc Martins to interview Melania or her famous husband, now bandied together in a collective holier than thou huddle. Their bitter hatred for her husband leaked pure poison into their pens. Even designers turned nasty. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano and Sophie Theallet waspishly refused to dress her. The loss was all theirs. Former First Ladies have had a smooth ride. Huffing Hillary, for example, can rant …

Sunday’s farmer solidarity march for human rights, not race

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – In the one week it took to organise Sunday’s mass march through Brisbane in solidarity with South Africa’s embattled farmers, four more were brutally murdered. For many in the crowd of over 1,000 people marching from Roma Street to Queensland’s State Parliament House on Sunday, the march was personal. In our group of five, one had recently attended the funeral of an Eastern Cape relative brutally tortured. The elderly woman, a stalwart in her rural community, died of injuries too graphic to relay. Her housemate succumbed to equally severe injuries, and her husband was left for dead – beaten, bound, burnt and gagged. He miraculously survived. My farm connection has more romantic roots. I spent the first few years of my life living on an agricultural college in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. I later attended the local school, and my boarder friends all came from surrounding farming communities. My German-descent friend, Ute taught me to ride horses on her parent’s farm. My grandfather had been a Karoo farmer, and my dear late …

I can't be your Facebook friend. i just can't

Time to Cull Celebrity Campaigners

One of life’s most basic lessons is never to assume. Check your facts. And never, ever assume you can win your audience with arrogant self-importance. Hillary’s leftwing press failed dismally in this regard. And so did she. What both parties assumed was that everyone believed their spin. That eloquent words shape a nation’s attitudes. That Hillary’s fraternizing with Hollywood was lauded. And Hollywood was even more misguided. The ordinary people clearly didn’t care when singer Katy Perry stood up and in a spectacularly condescending manner, dictated who people should vote for. What must have come as a crushing shock is that she just wasn’t that important. What Katy did … or said, just didn’t cut it. Similarly, people did not care when Beyonce and Jay-Z ran a free concert (which, incidentally, they only half-managed to fill) and Hillary embraced them with gushing rhetoric. The sexist, racist trash that emanated from Jay-Z’s mouth should have been enough to turn off the most avid Hillary supporter but that aside, again, why do these celebrities in their opulent …