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Alison – A Gift of Life

Alison thought she might never experience joy again – mutilated, raped and left for dead, the horrific injuries incurred after her attack 15 years ago could well have ruined her life. Her story is well documented and reads like gruesome fiction, so shocking are the details. As a young woman of 27, she was held up at knifepoint in her car as she returned home. She was then driven to a deserted beach near the South African seaside town of Port Elizabeth. Here, Alison (she prefers not to use her surname) was not only subjected to rape by her two attackers, she was stabbed up to 35 times in the stomach, her throat viciously slit in a frenzied and gruesome assault. She wasn’t meant to live. Her assailants certainly didn’t think she would. After their senseless attack, they drove off in her car, callously leaving her for dead. But she chose life. Naked and unspeakably injured, she dragged herself through a bush track, holding in her intestines with the shirt her attackers threw on her as …

Alive in South Africa

Alive! The word pops into my head as we enter Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo Airport. Ironic really, isn’t it, for a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world. Yet I feel it. Sense it. Am reminded of a friend who says he comes alive every time he returns – feels boring, bland and disconnected for weeks in his new country, Australia every time he goes back.