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Bronwyn Healy

“Off the Cuff” with Bronwen Healy, Founder of HOPE Foundation

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA―As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Hope Foundation, Bronwen Healy’s mission is to help women wanting to be free from addiction and/or the sex industry. A former heroin addict and sex worker, Bronwen established and launched the charity in 2007 to help other women transform their lives. Bronwen set up the Hope Haven―a drop-in space for Hope Chicks under the Foundation’s umbrella. She drives a program of fundraising, events, counselling and services, including the development of a high school-based program, Every Choice has a Consequence. She took time out of her busy schedule to chat with JournoNews. My secret pleasure is … snuggling up on a couch or hammock and reading for hours on end. My first job was … in my mum’s friend’s milk bar when I was 11, stocking shelves and making milkshakes (I was saving up for a double tape deck to make mixed tapes with! It was 1986.) My most annoying habits are … I asked my kids … they said “repeating yourself” but I told them that’s …

Benham Brothers

‘Off the Cuff’ with the BENHAM BROTHERS

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA — Acclaimed North Carolina real estate entrepreneurs and former professional baseball players, David and Jason Benham have achieved untold success in their sporting careers and property ventures. Today the duo live out their faith by helping people from all walks of life in the areas of leadership, work, family, and culture. The twins shared their lighter side with JN. My secret pleasure is … Jason … eating peanuts and chocolate chips late at night David … chocolate chip cookie cake with white icing (addicting!) My first job was … Jason … mowing lawns with my brother David … taking out the trash for my neighbor in Dallas ($.10 per bag) Updated 20th February 2019 -Twin polymaths Jason and David Benham both played pro baseball and are now motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors. Their latest book, “Bold and Broken,” inspires us to bring heaven to earth through compassionate actions. My most annoying habits are … Jason … taking small sips of water while I eat – I just can’t stop David … I …

Captain Justin McBurney, 24, keeps the NSW government-issued Soldier's New Testament by his side at the main base at Tarin Kowt.

Soldier takes 110 year-old Bible ‘heirloom’ into battle

It’s ANZAC Day in Australia – a day that commemorates the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. It is also an opportunity for the nation to remember those who have fought and lost their lives in major conflicts around the world. For many ANZACs, carrying a Bible into battle has been vital to their spiritual well-being. The Bible in the above video was first taken into war by an Australian who fought in the South African Boer war at the turn of the 20th Century. In keeping with his family’s tradition, Afghanistan-based Captain Justin McBurney, 24, is the fifth generation of his family to take the very same Soldier’s New Testament into the battle zone.