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Covertly Corporate

It’s raining as I step out of the train and onto a sodden city central platform. I marvel at how I choose to go corporate on the very day the heavens open in Queensland. I commend myself on my choice of outfit—in essence, my spare wedding ensemble from my niece’s recent nuptials—the sensible attire I rejected in favour of a frothy, frivolous dress. Fashionistas Trinny and Susannah would be proud.

Tamryn Lee D’Aubrey, Toptots, Dubai

What do you love about living in Dubai? How long have you lived there? I’ve lived in Dubai for five and a half years. We have a great lifestyle here with lots of good friends. It’s really easy to travel from Dubai as it’s only a short flight to some beautiful and interesting destinations. What is Top Tots? Toptots is a development program for Mums and tots that has been designed by a team of educational and developmental specialists. At Toptots, we provide stimulating, fun, age-appropriate activities that develop the child holistically. Mums get to meet other Mums with children of the same age. What do you love about your job? I really love working with the kids. I love the interaction I have with the Mums; seeing Mums and kids having so much fun together in our stimulating, creative environment is very rewarding. The flexibility that my job gives me is great too. What does a typical day consist of? My day starts at 5:30am – this for me is the best time of …