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I can't be your Facebook friend. i just can't

Time to Cull Celebrity Campaigners

One of life’s most basic lessons is never to assume. Check your facts. And never, ever assume you can win your audience with arrogant self-importance. Hillary’s leftwing press failed dismally in this regard. And so did she. What both parties assumed was that everyone believed their spin. That eloquent words shape a nation’s attitudes. That Hillary’s fraternizing with Hollywood was lauded. And Hollywood was even more misguided. The ordinary people clearly didn’t care when singer Katy Perry stood up and in a spectacularly condescending manner, dictated who people should vote for. What must have come as a crushing shock is that she just wasn’t that important. What Katy did … or said, just didn’t cut it. Similarly, people did not care when Beyonce and Jay-Z ran a free concert (which, incidentally, they only half-managed to fill) and Hillary embraced them with gushing rhetoric. The sexist, racist trash that emanated from Jay-Z’s mouth should have been enough to turn off the most avid Hillary supporter but that aside, again, why do these celebrities in their opulent …

Desire Johnston

Desiree Johnston

Where do you live and how long have you lived there? Milton, Ontario, Canada. What do you love most about Canada? Like least? Love Most:  I love the seasons!  You can experience all four seasons to the fullest.  It feels like it resembles different stages in my life Like least:  The fact that I cannot pop in and have a cup of tea with my parents.  That it takes three flights to get to them before I can actually do that! What is your favourite time of year? Fall / Autumn!  I absolutely LOVE the intense and bold colours and the crisp bite in the air. What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when moving to Canada? That I couldn’t pick up the phone and chat to my Mom everyday.  That it took an hour to find a couple of groceries that should’ve taken less than 10 mins.  That we had to have two young singles live with us to help pay the rent.  That I had to look after an 11-month-old baby …