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Wendy Francis

‘Off the Cuff’ with Wendy Francis

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — Wendy Francis has many strings to her bow. She is Queensland Director of the Australian Christian Lobby and is the ACL spokesperson for the rights of children and women. In 2018, she was appointed Director of the Centre for Human Dignity. She is also a tireless campaigner against sexual exploitation. Professional experience includes managerial positions at Griffith University and Queensland Baptists. She was also Executive Producer of the Lord Mayor’s Carols in Brisbane for eight years. In addition, Wendy is a Director and Board Member of Samaritan’s Purse Australia and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, a board member of Queensland Family Council, the Queensland Alliance for Kids and the Australian Marriage Forum. Wendy regularly travels to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and Cambodia to oversee projects which seek to rescue women and children from sex slavery and to work on literacy projects amongst rural women. Her husband, Peter Francis, is Vice-Principal of Malyon College in Brisbane. They have been married for 38 years, have three married children and ten grandchildren. She chatted to JournoNews. My secret …

“Off the Cuff” with Michael Cassidy, founder of African Enterprise

PIETERMARITZBURG, SOUTH AFRICA—MICHAEL CASSIDY, world renowned author, speaker and founder of African Enterprise gives JournoNews an insight into the man behind the evangelist. My secret pleasure is … Let me put a question to you … Can you keep a secret? You can? Well, so can I! My first job was … a school master teaching little boys French, Latin, cricket, soccer and boxing! My most annoying habits are … Ask my friends. I don’t think any of my habits are annoying!! A clear childhood memory is … early morning horseback rides with my dad. What makes me really nervous is … being caught by surprise and asked to propose a toast to someone. The best advice my parents gave me was … wait for the right girl to marry. If I wasn’t an evangelist, I’d be … a panel beater, because I love seeing a born again car after a crash! I’m most thankful for … my parental upbringing, for Robbie Footner who led me to Christ, for my wife, Carol, and for my children. My favourite meal is … breakfast. Nothing …

Leading a Blonde Astray

I took my dog for a walk this morning. I snuck out the back way, through the bush and along the fire track. I was rather hoping to avoid Slater. Slater is the neighbourhood vagabond. We live in a picturesque little enclave where most properties ramble into each other without the concern of fences. This is not sensible suburbia, neatly fenced and gated where the neighbourhood dogs are restricted to their allotted area. In spite of the general lack of confines, however, most local dogs stay on their own turf and have no interest in roaming further than the postbox at the end of a rather long driveway. Slater has changed all that.