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Carpet Ride

I have never been one for shopping lists or planning weekly meal menus. And nor, it seems, warehouse furniture shopping.
I have proven that I approach warehouse shopping in exactly the same way I approach food shopping: with spontaneity and according to what is on special.
Of course I will buy the sensible basics, but it’s the other miscellaneous items that often become a little blurred and spur of the moment.

Shopping with a Tween

  SHOPPING WITH A TWEEN has me befuddled. Perhaps what has me so confused and dazed is the fact that not so very long ago, I could go shopping for my little princess and she loved everything I produced. She actually wore it – even wore it out. My two sons were the same. No fuss, no bother. Such easy to please children, I’d smugly think. So grateful and uncomplicated. And then my daughter turned 11 and things changed. She became what is commonly labelled a ‘tween’. Not quite teen, not quite girl. An ‘in between’. Suddenly the cool factor crept in and mom’s offerings weren’t so appreciated anymore. So, deciding it was time for mom and daughter to connect, for her to display a little independence, freedom of choice and maturity, the two of us embarked on what I’d romantically labelled ‘a little bonding retail therapy’. Perhaps I could also nudge her out of shorts and T-shirts and into feminine little sundresses. Oh how wrong I was. After the first half hour I had …